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High Quality & Affordable Video Editing & Motion Graphics Services In The Toronto Area

I Need To Find A Great Video Editing Company In Toronto

The Bedrock Of Our Business Is Providing Exceptional Video Editing Services

Like many video editing companies in the Toronto area, Editextreme has state of the art technology and industry professionals who are deeply passionate & committed about video and the clients they serve. But for us, that isn’t enough:

The video edit is what defines your vision.

Video Editing Services

For more than a decade, Editextreme’s video editing services and quality customer care have been prized by customers, large and small. Our deliverables have ranged from small format web ads and DVDs to 4K outputs for broadcast.

We have remained on the cutting edge of video editing by adapting to new technologies including the use of non-linear video editing systems that employ the power of magnetic timelines.

Whether the video production is a drama, event, documentary, web promotion, lifestyle or medical program, we’d love to talk to you about your production and share our ideas on how we can work with you to achieve the best possible results.


Motion Graphics Services

An essential part for almost any video that communicates effectively is motion graphics.

Using animated titles, animated logos, visual effects and graphic builds will clearly connect the video’s message to the customer’s brand or create a mood and feel which amplifies message’s transmission.

When used effectively, motion graphics, effects and video animations are much more than eye candy: they keep the viewer fully engaged with the message and story both intellectually and emotionally.


Vision + Communication = Results

It's a simple enough concept, but a difficult one to get right.

Editextreme not only gets it right, but we thrive on the challenge each editing project brings.

No matter the genre or size of your video production, your goal is to communicate a message that will be shared and we call this sharing "social transmission".

By understanding social transmission and the cues and triggers that target audiences respond to, we embed those cues and triggers as part of the video editing process.

It's built into everything we do.

Whether editing a documentary, television program or a web video, our focus is to edit a video that moves your audience to action.

By demonstrating an extraordinary understanding of communication and social behaviour, we’ve won the loyalty of customers not just in Toronto but all over North America as well.


We're 'Extremely' Organized

We keep all files well organized and carefully track all communication with our clients.

We ensure that all work is completed to our clients’ specifications and that data for the edits is properly backed up and stored for the duration of the post-production.

We also provide a full archive of all the work upon delivery.

We strive at all times to work in a spirit of harmony with all clients and the other service providers involved in their projects to achieve the best possible result.


And Our Pricing Is 'Extremely' Competitive

On their own, our video editing rates are already competitive within our industry.

And if you consider the amount of experience, resources and dedication to our craft that we offer, they become even more valuable to the client.

We offer flexible pricing plans with both hourly and flat rates and each project receives the most affordable solution possible.