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Video Editing Reviews:

Ian Pearson is a gifted editor, and more importantly, a remarkable person. I have worked with Ian for years and continue to be amazed by his patience, perseverance and dedication. Whatever your project is, you should have no doubt that you will be more than pleased with the outcome. Over the years, I have had the good fortune to work with many talented editors, but few have been such an absolute pleasure to work with.
~ Margaret Donnelly
Writer / Producer
Ian has been helping me edit videos for my YouTube channel over the past couple of months and it's made my life so much easier! Initially I called 5 video editing services and was immediately drawn to Ian and his company due to him being the most personable, and motivated to help me out. He's been very quick with all my requests and the quality is exactly what I hoped for. I would highly recommend using Ian and EditExtreme for any video editing you need!
Tom Moffat Client Testimonial
~Tom Moffat
I found Ian online and couldn't be happier with his results. He's a down-to-earth guy who really does know his stuff and you don't have to deal with the standard industry nonsense (or excessive rates), either. Tell him what you think you need, leave it with him for a bit and he'll come up with some great ideas that he can make happen for you.
I hired Ian to edit two documentary projects that earned critical praise and were screened to great success at two Canadian film festivals. Not only is he a skilled editor, but also I commend Ian's patience and time management skills when dealing with tight deadlines. I highly recommend him.
~ Angela Bianchi, Producer/Writer/Director
White Angel Productions Ltd.

Production Reviews:

I received a warm recommendation for Ian Pearson's work from a trusted equipment supplier - he was one of the few editors they recommended without reservation and I soon learned why. Ian was able to draw from his extensive broadcasting and industry experience, knowledge of client service standards, and sheer love and understanding of images and content, to assist with projects ranging from an artist's collaborative video with sensitive subject matter to a doc for the public sector. He knows both PC and Mac and his love of archive enables him to navigate digital conversion, codecs and transfers. Above all, Ian's ability to diagnose and solve problems quickly, plan and communicate with professional clarity, and make deadlines seem a breeze with flexibility and collegial cheer, make every interaction a pleasure.
~ Julia Bennett
We needed a video editing company to take care of our dental services videos and Ian has done a fantastic job for us. The production quality of our videos is more than we had expected and his turnaround time is impressive. We don't go anywhere else and we highly recommend his services.
Ian is one of the most professional, respectful, and helpful people I have ever worked with. He goes above and beyond to get the job done correctly, is always receptive to feedback, and continually collaborates with his client to ensure each project is the best it can be. At times when his workload was too heavy, his assistants were great to work with as well - and Ian was always overseeing their work and ensuring our needs were met. When looking for a partner on your next endevour, stop here - edit extreme is it.
Keegan Richard Client Testimonial
~ Keegan Richard
We came to Edit Extreme looking for help with our very non-standard project, and really couldn’t have found anyone better. Ian has a vast range of experience in the industry and it shows. He was super personable and professional, was able to walk us through the various processes and, eventually to solve most of our problems by the judicious application of creative technical and thinking skills. For the parts that he was not able to sort out himself, he showed his true professional mettle by being happy to refer us to colleagues who were more suited to those problems. To say that we were surprised and very pleased by how promptly he was able to get to our project would be an understatement. Pricing was more than fair, too. Highly recommended.
~ Slow TV Slow Films

Editing Training Reviews:

I've been using FCPX to edit my YouTube videos for the last year and I'm currently in the process of shooting my first documentary. I took one video editing lesson with Ian and it immediately improved my precision and speed in editing. There were many things I was doing the slow and painful way that Ian showed me how to work around VERY quickly. I got a lot out of our lesson that I was able to take home and implement immediately in my own work. He is a very patient and encouraging teacher and a very experienced editor. He is also very reasonably priced. I wont hesitate to take another lesson with him in the future when I'm ready to take things to the next level!
Jack Middleton
~ Jack Middleton
Ian is an excellent teacher. He is very patient and informative when teaching. I would easily recommend anyone to learn from him.
Matthew Doyle: Video Editing Training Testimonial
Matthew Doyle
Ian has been helping me with FCPX training and helping me edit my indie feature film. He's brilliant! A really pleasant guy who really knows FCPX! I totally recommend him.
Peter Hitchcock
~ Peter Hitchcock
I found Ian after an exhausting search on the Internet for a Final cut Pro tutor or Lesson. From the first phone call with Ian to each lesson, he was patient and kind. When it came to each lesson, Ian asked me exactly what I wanted to learn, so that he could provide the best of his knowledge. His knowledge and insight is bar none. Do not waste your time on You Tube videos, book him and spend time with him, you will learn invaluable skills.
~ Z

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