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Editextreme Begins With Ian Pearson

Owner • Supervising Video Editor • Video Production & Post-Production Consultant

After his start as a single freelance video editor, Ian Pearson started Editextreme in 2005 and the name has always represented the philosophy of pushing the limits of quality and value in the provision of video editing services. Whatever challenges their projects have faced, Editextreme has always been able to create a great video edit.

By 2010, Ian had expanded Editextreme into a small and independent video editing & post-production facility, serving numerous clients of various sizes (including as many as three television programs at once).

With the advent of 64-bit video editing software that employs magnetic timelines, Editextreme can now deliver even better quality in a fraction of the time and cost that they could in 2010.

By expanding a network of associates who share Ian’s passion for video and client service, Editextreme now proudly offers a full range of video production services.

From creating video outlines and scripts, to field production and videography services and right up to finished video edits, Editextreme has created a start-to-finish philosophy that provides clients with all they need to produce a winning project.

Over the years, Ian has learned that every project, whether large or small, presents a new opportunity to become better at doing what he loves.

Each client's satisfaction is not just an integral part of the job, but the most important reward and he deeply values all the relationships that he gains though his work.

It is always his sincere desire that working with Editextreme will be a professionally and personally rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Each client's satisfaction is an integral part of the job...