About Ian & Editextreme

As a graduate of the Ontario College of Art, (OCADU) majoring in Photo-Electric Arts and Film Studies, I've worked as a professional video editor for over 15 years. In 2005 I started Editextreme, a sole-proprietorship. My intent was to create an independent post-production facility in Toronto meant to service clients of various sizes. Over the years I've incorporated three networked edit stations into my facility, enabling two editors and an assistant editor to work on the same projects at once when needed. Another valuable component of my business is my expanding network of associates that share my work ethic and enable me to service a broader range of client needs.

Over the years I've learned that every project large or small presents a new opportunity to become better at doing what I love. Each client's satisfaction is an integral part of the job and the most important reward. I deeply value all the relationships that I gain though my work. It is always my sincere desire that working with me be a professionally and personally rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Ian Pearson - EditExtreme