Editextreme Client Testimonials

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Nick Beck-Sayer, Director/Writer/Producer

H&F Continuing Education Inc.

I've had the distinct pleasure of working with Ian on the Health & Family series for the past 5 years. In doing so, I've come to know and to trust (among other things) his expertise, patience, and most of all, his professionalism and positive attitude. Every production needs a backbone, a constant; and countless times I've found that in our editor, Ian. Both myself, and my colleagues have always been able to count on Ian for timely solutions to nagging production issues. Despite sometime lofty goals for our projects, I don't recall a situation where I was told 'no' or 'it can't be done'. Ian deserves a great deal of credit for the success of our programs, and I've found him to be an immeasurable source of knowledge in my professional career.

Margaret Donnelly, Writer/Producer

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Ian Pearson is a gifted editor, and more importantly, a remarkable person. I have worked with Ian for years and continue to be amazed by his patience, perseverance and dedication. Whatever your project is, you should have no doubt that you will be more than pleased with the outcome. Over the years, I have had the good fortune to work with many talented editors, but few have been such an absolute pleasure to work with.

Eric Huurre, Producer/director,

Skywriter Communications

Ian Pearson is a steadying force on any project. He brings experience and passion to get the best out of the material, while respecting the producer's budgets, schedules and audiences. He is a dedicated and tireless worker, unconditional friend to each project, and the surrogate eyes and ears of the audiences I want to reach. I gladly turn to him for every project.

Leigh Seldin, President

CL Production

I have been working with Ian for over 4 years. He has edited hundreds of segments for me and approaches every project with a fresh creative eye and a keen sense of timing. I love working with him and his can-do positive attitude. I recommend Ian highly for any editing services you may need.

Anne Tait, Producer & Author

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Ian is a skilled and patient editor and he works within your budget! I recommend him highly.

Kevin Whelan


I found Ian online and couldn't be happier with his results. He's a down-to-earth guy who really does know his stuff and you don't have to deal with the standard industry nonsense (or excessive rates), either. Tell him what you think you need, leave it with him for a bit and he'll come up with some great ideas that he can make happen for you.

Edie Steiner, Ph.D., Photographer, Filmmaker,


Ian Pearson was a great help to my documentary, Conversations on the Lake. Ian was adept and patient in solving technical issues, and contributed creative ideas throughout what was a long-term research and production development project.

John Dinsmore, Director/Producer

Two Days in September

Ian helped to bring the pieces of vintage footage and sound into a true film. Working with him was a very rewarding process.

Judith Remekie, Television Producer/Writer, SAG Actor/Host


For more than 25 years I have written, produced and hosted television segments and shows for many networks - and in that time, there are few people I've enjoyed working with as much as Ian. He's a consummate professional, and a very skilled broadcast editor. On top of his highly skilled work, Ian is also a pleasure to interact with on any level. He cares about the person he's working with as much as the work itself. A segment we worked on together became the showpiece of the entire company, and it remains one of the segments I'm most proud of in my career.

Rob Faust, Director, Faustwork Mask Theatre

I've worked with Ian Pearson for 12 years and will continue to do so into the future. The editing is always first-rate and friendly. Ian lets me sit and consult with him for hours to go over edits, but he is also expert at taking notes, getting the gist of things, and then completing a project on his own. He then delivers results, always on time.

Lewis Reford, Chairman, Microgreen Solar


Ian at EditExtreme took our small team in hand, helping under a tight timeline to deliver a tradeshow video that really resonated with our customer prospects. We will be using Ian again to further professionalize our e-marketing campaigns.

Lori Haber

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I have had the pleasure to work with Ian Pearson on two occasions; the first when Ian prepared a recruiting video for my son Daniel for use in contacting U.S. colleges regarding Daniel's interest in playing D1 soccer, and the second, when Ian assisted us in preparing a highlights video for Daniel for use by his professional agent in dealing with professional soccer teams. On both occasions, Ian was a pleasure to deal with. Ian is professional, competent, responsible and reliable and the quality of his work is first-rate. In addition, I found that Ian's work is fairly and reasonably priced. I would highly recommend Ian to any person requiring video editing services.

Heather Rigby, M.F.A.


When I returned from a trip into Tibet in 2006 with a pile of tapes in hand I needed to find a reasonably priced editor to crunch my work into a quality documentary. It had to be edited quickly as a promotional video for the Children of Tibet Trust Fund in Washington, DC. A friend recommended Ian, a top-drawer, highly experienced, creative guy who produced my work in record speed for a very reasonable amount. I always return to Ian whenever I have a new project and continue to refer any inquiries to this highly talented editor.

Angela Bianchi, Producer/Writer/Director

White Angel Productions Ltd.

I hired Ian to edit two documentary projects that earned critical praise and were screened to great success at two Canadian film festivals. Not only is he a skilled editor, but also I commend Ian's patience and time management skills when dealing with tight deadlines. I highly recommend him.

Dr. Nathan Miskin

Miskin Dental

We initially spoke with Ian about our projects and by the time they came out to shoot, he seemed to know what we needed and got the job done. We love the final product and the pricing was more than reasonable. Do yourself a favour and speak to these guys first.