Our primary video editing software is FCPX. We find it to be the fastest and most efficient way to service our clients. We do periodically use Premier and Media encoder for special issues that they are uniquely suited to handle. We are also able to convert projects from Premier Pro and FCP7 to FCPX if needed. Rates are based on individual project requirements.

Our primary graphics software is Motion 5, since it is often faster than After Effects and it integrates well with FCPX. We do also use After Effects since it sometimes gives us greater flexibility in the use of pre-made templates and gives us greater flexibility in working with Illustrator files.

We repair and edit photos or captured video frames using Photoshop. We use Illustrator to make changes to or extract parts (such as logos) from EPS, Ai or PDF files that originated in Adobe Illustrator.

We provide on-set data tech services for up to 3 camera operators on a single shoot. We will log shots with time codes and transfer that information to the metadata on your ingested camera footage. We use a 2014 15" Mac Pro laptop with a 512 GB flash drive, 2 USB3 inputs and 2 Thunderbolt inputs. We provide this same computer with an external monitor for on-set editing purposes.

In addition to editing and Motion graphics services, we will supervise all aspects of your post-production process. If you require a colorist, 3D graphics, or sound mixing, we will co-ordinate that for you. We will ensure that all data for the edits are backed up and stored for the duration of the production. Also, you will get a full archive of all the work when we are completed.

We offer one-on-one FCPX and Motion 5 Training targeted to specific user needs. In other words, we will personalize the training to instruct you in whatever you'd like to learn. FCPX is arguably the easiest professional software to learn – its accessibility and affordability will likely make it the dominant NLE in the near future.

(Mac Pro Tower with FCPX, Final Cut Studio2, CS6)

Edit suite rental is often available when one or more of our edit stations are not in use. Two suites can be rented. Edit #2 is an 8-core MacPro Tower with an internal RAID 0 and dual monitors running FCPX, Motion 5, and CS6. It rents for $15 per hour, min. 2 hours. Edit #3 is a 4-core, MacPro Tower with an internal RAID 0 running FCPX and it rents for $10 per hour, min. 2 hours.

We will compress and upload your video, offering economical rates based on the duration of your video and its file size.

We will record high quality voiceovers that are timed to your video.

Audio editing services are available for audio books, CD's and presentations.

We will take your old FCP7 projects and convert them to FCPX so that you may revise them and create new versions.

We will remove video noise from your recordings, (old or otherwise) and give them a smoother, higher-resolution look.

We will author CD's or DVD's of your audio and video recordings to your unique specifications.

We will digitize VHS, DV and HDV tapes and transfer them to DVD and hard drive.

We provide referrals to reliable professionals who provide services outside of our expertise. If you need additional services, just ask us to recommend someone!