The Answer (Opening)

This 2:37 opening, created to prepare the audience for revolutionary evidence of war vets with PTSD being successfully treated with the EFT (tapping) technique, is still one of the most complex builds I have created. Working closely with director Eric Huurre, I was able to include a 1:00 montage encapsulating humanity's efforts over the course of history to treat mental and physical illness.

Pita Pit Challenge

This 1:24 promo was created from the 4:00 segment for Pita Pit. The graphic open and close were built using an After Effects “Fight Night” template. Using sped-up video, and with the audio cut using very tight overlapping edits, I managed to compress the bulk of the segment's content into a third of the time of the original.


I used another After Effects template to create this exciting promo for Oxy “acne care” products. Closely weaving the audio with the music between carefully chosen spaces for the text elements, I was able to convey the sponsor's message while maintaining a great pace and momentum. Producer Nick Beck-Sayer deserves credit for his vision and excellent choice of music for this spot.

Glad Food Protect SNR

The director for this promo had a very specific idea of using kinetic text and split- screen animations timed to music. It's a great example of how a great creative vision and clever editing can create a very effective promo, even on a very limited production budget.


This promo created for the CAA rewards program was originally supposed to be created in After Effects. However, in an effort to respect the budget, the kinetic text animations were moved to Apple Motion. With the exception of the single shot of a woman on a tablet, the entire promo was created in post, using stock shots, scans, Motion titles and screen captures.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet Promo

This 1:00 promo was created for the launch of Samsung's Galaxy Tablet. Strategically placed transitions were used to emulate the navigation functions of the tablet without overdoing it and making the edit look gimmicky. The pace of this cut holds the viewer's attention without distracting from the sponsor's message.

Johnsonville Girl on Grill SNR

In this SNR I used the sweeping movement of the transitions and title ramps to direct the viewer's eye to flow comfortably with the action in the shots. The end result takes the viewer through the tips in a manner that flows and ties into the theme.

Fila Web

Judith Remekie and I worked closely on this segment for Fila Sportswear. We were fortunate enough to obtain some excellent b-roll, stills and graphic elements from Fila. These were used to create the rich builds Judith envisioned for the segment. These builds added value to the interview, which took it to a whole new level.

Happy Planet SNR

In this SNR for Happy Planet Foods I employed a couple of innovative techniques to bring the producer’s vision to life. The picture-in-picture with rolling wipes, similar to the ones I created for the Canadian Business Spotlight opening, and a still drop effect timed to the music make this SNR fun and lively.

OLEX Heartburn SNR

The Motion titles and graphic builds work effectively in this SNR created to promote Olex's over the counter PPI's. These elements combine well with the music to create an effective edit that communicates well and holds the viewer's attention right up to the call to action.

Nissan Pathfinder Web Ad

This ‘Smart Brand' web ad for the Nissan Pathfinder is typical of dozens that I edited for Canadian Better Living. Many of these included very clever logo and text animations combined with the pitch woman keyed against a graphic background. I think that the style is evocative of the television pitch ads of the 50's and early 60's. I would actually find myself feeling a strong sense of nostalgia when editing them.

Sanofi Glycolic Renewal SNR

The style of this SNR to promote Neostrata Glycolic Renewal is more of a contemporary style that avoids cross dissolves in favour of cuts. Other than the dissolves for the opening bump and CTA at the end, there is just a single blur dissolve at 00:40. The cut still stays smooth, working with the influence of the subtle background music and voiceover.